Writing To HMRC

How to write a letter to the HMRC

At Fortress Accounts we understand that you may need to get in contact with the HMRC, let us tell you the best methods you can get in touch with them, even if your abroad. You can write letters to the HMRC on issues of tax refund, penalty appeal, self-assessment, PAYE or claim to repayment.

Advice for writing to HMRC

If you want to write to HMRC remember they have different addresses for addressing different affairs. They have specific addresses for Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Self Assessment (SA) related enquiries.

The gov.uk website can help you locate the right HMRC postal address. It’s always advisable to keep a copy of the actual letter that you have sent to HMRC for future reference. With the coronavirus pandemic, bear in mind that postal services are taking longer than usual hence advisable to use HMRC’s phone call service and or online support.

What is HMRC’s main addresses?

Send direct post to

HM Revenue and Customs

Benton Park View

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE98 1ZZ.

Where are HMRC offices located in the UK?

HMRC has a number of office locations across the UK. To find an office building that you are looking for contact HMRC or visit their pages.

Tips on making your letters work

Indicate the right destination

Be formal and clear

Provide a specific reason from the onset.

An Example of what a cover letter to HMRC should contain

Your cover letter to HMRC should contain the following;

Your name

Return address (where they can send you a reply)

National insurance number

Relevant forms that you need assistance with.

Bank details in case a refund is made.

Keep a copy of your letter

A copy of the letter that you send to HM revenue and customs office should be kept as future reference. Take evidence of the stamped envelope to provide evidence on the date of having posted the document in case there is a claim otherwise.

What if I am blind or partially sighted?

HMRC has alternative formats of their information in Blaire, large print, audio and CD and other formats that you may request due to the severity of your problem. But because there is no direct contact number to their dedicated unit for Visual Impaired Media, you are advised to directly call HMRC and make your request.

Can someone act on my behalf?

Yes. You can arrange for an intermediary or long term representative to handle your affairs with HRMC though you are required to confirm with HMRC that you are happy to have a third person handle your matters. You will need to fill in relevant forms to show that you have given authority to someone else to act on your behalf. HMRC will work with your appointed representative whether they are a friend, accountant, or a member of a voluntary organisation. This though does not take away your legal responsibility for your own tax hence the need to discuss matters and decisions with your representative before any decision is made.

How do I contact HMRC by phone?

You can contact HMRC using a call or text to these numbers for self-assessment or other things.

Telephone: 0300 200 3310

If you are outside the UK use +44 161 931 9070

Is there a free number for HMRC?

No. A standard fee applies for all calls depending on your service provider.

Key HM Revenue and Customs Telephone Numbers

Here is some helpful numbers for different departments, you might need to speak to:

VAT general enquires: 0300 200 3700

Employer helpline: 0300 200 3200

Outside UK enquiries: +44 135 535 9022

Advice for calling HMRC

The first option for you when calling HMRC is to use their voice recognition system that can help you get through the service quickly. To ensure you are directed to the right person, prepare a few short phrases that best describe your query or question. Always have copies of relevant information to use as the call progress and your National Insurance Number. Here are some extra tips to follow to make the calling experience less tiring;

Use relevant numbers

With different departments handling different issues, it is sensible to use the right number to save your time but also receive the right help faster. Opt to use specific unit lines instead of the general ones. You can look up relevant numbers for different departments online.

Time your call right

Because of heavy traffic, you may end up waiting longer before you speak to an advisor. To avoid this, pick a time where the waiting period is minimal for example between 8:30 am and 9:30 or 12:30 pm.

Take to social media

HMRC is very active on social media allowing you a chance to keep up with updates from them. HMRC @HMRCcustomers Twitter account provides users with general information about general enquiries while the @MHRCBusiness Twitter account is for information about tax if you are setting up a business or growing your business. The pages are operation from Monday to Friday plus weekends. Make sure you don’t reveal personal details on these pages.

HMRC is also available on Facebook and has YouTube and webchat services.

Visit the website

HMRC has online forms and services that can also provide quick help than calling to speak to an advisor. You can take a look at what online services are available at HMRC on GOV.UK website.

Writing to HMRC from abroad

You can submit your tax return using 3rd party software if you are currently outside the UK. Or use their self-assessment correspondence address: HM Revenue and Customs BX9 1AS.

How do I call HMRC from abroad?

If you want to settle issues with HRMC and are abroad you can call using the number: +44 135 535 9022

What is the HMRC’s email address?

HMRC does not have one main email address but has departmental email addresses that can be used by the general public.

Writing to HMRC regarding vat

You can write to HMRC to change your VAT registration details, VAT registration, or exceptions. The postal address is:


HM Revenue and Customs


United Kingdom.