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Fortress accounts Coventry has more than 20 years of experience in the accountancy industry. We are well established, well experienced, and pride ourselves on removing the ‘worry’ from accounting. Bookkeeping Coventry is simple when you have one of our qualified accountants in Coventry by your side.


Reliable Bookkeeping Service In Coventry

If you are considering setting up a new business in Coventry, maybe you already have a business in Coventry but are finding the bookkeeping and accounts somewhat challenging, or you could have an accountant working for you already but you are seeking an alternative bookkeeping service Coventry, then we are here to help. We also serve Nuneaton, Solihull, Kenilworth and Leamington Spa.

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Anyone with just a toe in the pool of the business world will know the importance of keeping your business records accurate and up to date. For the majority of business frameworks in Coventry, HMRC can look into your business activity at any time and if it isn’t in line with current regulations, business owners can face fines and penalties. We are here to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

Our bookkeeping in Coventry is visible to clients via our online cloud accounting, which clients have access to at all times. This will enable clients to keep their accounts up to date and keep an eye on how their business account is managing. In addition to this, clients of our bookkeeping in Coventry won’t face any nasty surprises at the end of the financial year as they will be able to see all of their business liabilities or personal liabilities, and tax obligations at any time.

We are proud to be accountants in Coventry with a loyal customer base and an ethos on helping our clients to run a business in Coventry the most profitable way. 


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Regardless of whether a business is small, medium, or large-scale, bookkeeping is one of the most important components to ensure that it is working at maximum potential. If we focus on business owners’ affordability, it is not feasible for each of them (especially small enterprises) to hire an in-house staff of professionals to monitor and maintain their financial activities and records. These financial statements are daily records of receivables, payables, taxes, and other payments that are processed to keep track of a company’s financial position.

Fortress Accounts is a bookkeeping and accounting firm that specializes in providing outsourced bookkeeping services to small businesses and industries that cannot afford a full-time bookkeeper on a regular, ongoing basis. Fortress’ small business accounting professionals are highly competent and dedicated to putting their full experience and knowledge into helping clients across the UK with sensible, balanced account and record management services.

All business owners want competent supervision when it comes to maintaining their financial statements, but the cost and a lack of additional money can limit their ability to finance it. Fortress Accounts provides business owners with cost-effective bookkeeping solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Fortress Accounts is a logical and well-suited platform through which small businesses and individuals from a wide range of industries can get endless bookkeeping services. Our firm’s workforce not only supports small enterprises but also has the technical skills to serve a wide range of mid-sized to large-scale industries in a widely dispersed service region. The most noticeable feature of our services is that we are experts in providing customer-oriented solutions in an absolutely unique style that is tailored to an organization’s specific bookkeeping requirements.


We have established a bookkeeping service at Fortress Accounts that is tailored to the needs of lone trader clients. Our bookkeeping service ensures that you are correctly registered as a self-employed person with HMRC. We’ll also make every effort to ensure that you take advantage of any available perks and reliefs. We’ll collaborate with you to create a simple system for collecting receipts and invoices. If you want to reduce your tax liability for the year, make sure you keep track of all your tax-deductible expenses.

Fortress Accounts recognizes that self-employed persons do not have the time to spend all day looking at numbers. Our service may allow you to focus your attention on more important aspects of your organization.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I’d like to thank Andrew @ Fortress Accounts for the advice and assistance my LTD company received over the past couple of years. Always available, very knowledgeable and provided a sterling service and support. Thank you!
Vassilis Pateras
Excellent communication, expertise and very informative. Recommend them to anyone!
Ben C
Fortress Accounts were recommended to me to support me in my first Tax self assessment. In my ignorance the complete system and details were explained in a language that I could understand and appreciate. The whole process was completed with the the utmost professionalism and I was guided through every action I was required to complete. Any questions I asked were not only answered but explained to ensure I fully understood the answer. I can not recommend Fortress enough to any business or private individual that requires any kind of accountancy service. The fact that I needed an accountant comes with the end result being it would cost me money but to be guided the right way made it a much easier pill to swallow. A real pleasure to deal with such a professional company.
Lee Evans
Coventry Accountants


Our accountants in Coventry highly experienced and qualified accountants who will provide you will valuable tax advice, with the ability to offer additional services such as: SA100 Self-Assessment Tax Return, Limited Company Formation, Payroll, VAT, Monthly Management Accounts, Limited Company Year End Accounts (inc. CT600 Corporation Tax Returns) for Companies House & HMRC, Proactive Tax Advice, Handling general correspondence and queries with HMRC, Mortgage References, Visa Reference Production.

Our aim is to make your business in Coventry the most profitable it can be for you, whilst also adhering to HMRC rules and regulations.

Experinced Tax Consulting

Our experienced tax consultants provide tax guidance and support in Coventry and will advise you of your trading options and which business structure would be the most profitable for you. We will go through the advantages and disadvantages of; Self-employment, partnership, umbrella company, limited company, sole trader, and so on. Our accountants in Coventry will investigate what is involved in the running of each business framework and how they could be the most beneficial for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeepers provide a wide range of services. For small firms, some can handle payroll and other HR services. Assisting businesses with the processing of paychecks and tax payments to employees is one example.

Most employers do not require bookkeepers to have professional certifications. Certification from organizations like the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers or the National Association of Certified Bookkeepers, on the other hand, can assist bookkeepers to grow in their careers.

Yes, bookkeepers offer expert guidance and can lower their company’s risk by becoming insured. Bookkeepers will normally be required to carry a minimum amount of insurance, whether for risk management objectives or to meet legislative obligations.

Yes, bookkeepers are in charge of supplying correct and up-to-date financial data about a company. They are always taking the pulse of a company.

Their reports are frequently sent to business owners and managers to assist them in making decisions. However, some bookkeepers are actively involved in strategy formulation.

Some bookkeeping tasks, such as the preparation of annual financial reports and tax returns, may be shared with accountants. A bookkeeper is very important for your business.

QuickBooks is the most popular bookkeeping software for small businesses and individuals out of all the digital finance solutions available. QuickBooks can store and analyze data for you, but you’ll still need a human accountant to provide appropriate financial advice and stay up with tax legislation changes.

The terms “bookkeeping” and “accounting” are frequently interchanged. In truth, bookkeeping is a minor but crucial aspect of the accounting process. Accounting is the act of using such data to establish the business’s financial situation and make decisions about how the finances are managed, whereas bookkeeping is the process of recording and reporting financial information.

In summary:

Bookkeeping: is the process of recording and reporting financial data.

Accounting: is analyzing financial data and developing a financial strategy.